IFS Filing Systems LLC

IFS Building

Our Goal

IFS Filing Systems LLC manufactures paper-based document management solutions, and we supply these solutions to the office products industry throughout the nation.

Our goal is simple: to be the reseller’s number one choice for high-quality document management solutions. We pride ourselves on producing top-quality, environmentally-friendly, and innovative organizational products that meet the needs of professionals today. Additionally, we provide unmatched marketing and sales support, with a genuine “how can we help” service.

As your business evolves and your needs change, you can count on us. We are continuously improving and offering solutions to better suit your needs. We are dedicated to being your best business partner, and as we continue to grow, our focus will remain the same.

Products, Solutions, Tools

Why choose less, when you can have the best?

▪ The widest selection of stock filing products that are ready to ship same day
▪ Custom solutions to create specialty folders, indexes, labels, and more

▪ Private branding and drop ship programs
▪ Same-day shipping

▪ Catalogs, sell sheets, flyers, plus other marketing materials
▪ Knowledgeable, experienced, and customer-focused team members